A wonderful member testimonial

I wanted to share this testimonial with you as it highlights several aspects of the website:
“For years, it has been my dream to play the clarinet like Peter Mamakos, but  thought I would have to live in Greece to have a teacher to teach me how to play Greek style clarinet. About a year ago, I came across Tseligas’s website and subscribed to it. There are more than 70 songs you can learn to play, as well as scales and exercises. Each song is broken down into steps. You actually see the instructors playing each part of the song. It’s like a you-tube video. You can start and stop each song wherever you want. I have learned to play around 12 songs in a year’s time period, with about an hour a day of practice. I learned how to play a simple song right away when I started! You can also Skype with Skaros and he will help you with the songs, technique, or whatever else your needs are with the clarinet. I have taken a few lessons, and they help very much, because my personal situation is addressed. I am now at the point where I have a lot more time to practice, and take lessons, so I am going to be more serious. Skaros is a very good teacher. He is very encouraging.
     The web site itself has forums and other aspects to clarinet playing besides instruction. I plan to get more involved with the site, now that I have more time to take advantage of it. I really am so happy to take lessons and have the site to learn new songs. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to play Greek music on the clarinet.”
From D.L California 2015

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