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Where to buy an albert clarinet - New and used
Here are some links for those of you who are looking for new or high quality albert clarinets. No cheap stuff here!Cool
tselingas ,does anyone sell one piece(hard shell)clarinet cases or who makes via special order?
a while back i purchased one(B_FLAT mono) from the hammer schmitt web site paid for it in advance used paypal came within 6 weeks . its been almost 2 years no problems yet . and you would want to work with michalis(rep) from australia ,fantastic person
Hey Chitown,

You want a top case? Here is one of the best:

What exactly are you looking for? If you are looking for a nice hard case I 'd buy any boehm clarinet case (with the clarinet) from ebay.

I got one for a friend of mine for 25$ a year ago. The clarinet was plastic student that I donated to another friend.
ive got a clarinet that is one piece and im looking for a hardcase for it ,not the soft one on e bay i contacted hammerschmitt but the dont make one piece cases ,so im looking for a manufacture that can make one ..
Can you upload a picture of your clarinet?? I don't think i ever saw one.
Check this out:
tseligas, the case is right on , once in a while you see albert system metal clarinets .
nstill searching the web for hard case case one piece units.
Wished I had looked at this thread earlier. Great thread, tseligas!
ramadan to get an idea about used clarinets and new ones look up mosxos music

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