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Best mouthpiece for Greek music
Great info everyone that I have assembled across many sources. Different combinations to demonstrate the plethora of choices and guide you to the right path. Keep in mind though..these are opinions of modern players. I will open another thread on investigating the oldest recordings.

I have been recommending for a mouthpiece Vandoren B45 or 5JB and for Reeds Vandoren 1.5.

I am still looking for that sound though. Here are the mouthpieces ranked by popularity and by opinions:


For Bb Clarinet
Clark Fobes Jazz 6L Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin Smile Big Grin
Clark Fobes 4L:
Robert Borbeck #16 Smile
Walter Grabner Jazz Smile
Vandoren B45 Sad Smile (Recommended as good starter)
Vandoren B45• #2.5Smile #1,#2Sad #1.5Smile Smile
Van Doren 66 #2 Rico Smile
Vandoren 5JB Smile
Vandoren 5JB 88 Big Grin
Vandoren 7JB Smile
WS Sumner Acousticut 3 and 4 Smile
NY Woodwind co. No 7 Steel ebonite Smile
Pillinger F2 Hot n Swing #1.5 Smile
Selmer C Sad
Selmer HS** Smile
Morgan Jazz J7 Big Grin
Rico B7 Big Grin

For C clarinet:
Clark Fobes Jazz 6L Big Grin
Walter Grabner CXZ AW-PERS Big Grin
Vandoren B45 Sad
Vandoren 7JB Smile
Jody Jazz 7 Hot n Swing #1.5 Big Grin

For A clarinet
Clark Fobes Jazz 6L Sad
Robert Borbeck #14 Smile
Morgan Jazz J7 Big Grin
Vandoren 7JB Smile

Rico Royal 1.5 Smile Smile
Hot n Swing 1.5 shaved Smile
Hot n Swing 1 Smile Smile
Vandoren #2 and Mitchell Lurie #2 with closed mp Big Grin
Cruincy #1 Smile

Special Setups:
Plastiras : Closed mouhpiece and #1 and mouthpiece barely in the mouth.

Comparative Tip Openings for Vandoren:
5RV: 42 (1.06mm) - Medium-short facing
5RV Lyre: 43 (1.09mm) - Medium facing
11•6: 46 (1.16mm) - Medium-short facing
B46: 46 (1.17mm) - Medium
B45•: 47(1.20mm) - Medium-long facing, large chamber
B45: 47 (1.20mm) - Medium-long facing
B40: 47 (1.20mm) - Medium-long facing, small chamber
B45 Lyre: 50 (1.27mm) - Medium-long facing
5JB: 58 (1.47mm) - Long facing
I will be updating this post as I keep figuring out new combos!
Please share your opinions!
i am using the 5jb mouthpiece i am going to bye the 7jb it is 170 opening i love the sound i have with the 5jb vandoren and rico royal reed 1 or 1.5

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